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Online detector for Vacuum oil purifier

FromNAKIN oil purifier company Published people:admin Release time2013-07-11 13:39:19
There are different opinions for Gas Online detector of Vacuum oil purifier, one idea is that to do the online detect of the H2 gas on the vacuum oil purifier, sometimes, there is the decive which can detect the CO, but it can’t analyze the complete component, it is not the real DGA technology, it can’t instead on the lab chromatogram tester, because the lab chromatogram tester are widely applied in the wolrd lab gas testing, even some affect the H2 online detecting, but want to get the real resultt, we still need use the DGA testing result.
Sometimes, the H2 and CO detatecor can do the pre-alarm system, which can alarm you that the the oil of transformer has problems, it can give us a warning, alarm us in advance. But the CO and H2 detector has the limitation disadvantage, so we should research the new device which can detect more gas compnents.