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NAKIN company is a professional vacuum oil purifcation device supplier, has extensive experience and strong technical support in vacuum oil filtration. Success to provide vacuum ......

After nearly 10 years of development, our company successfully developed twelve seires with nearly hundred different models vacuum oil purifier, which are servicing in different industries. Due to high cost-performance ratio, our equipments......

Company Introduce

CHONGQING NAKIN ELECTROMECHANICAL CO.LTD. is joint-stock high-tech enterprise from Chongqing China, we are  professional in making various vacuum oil purifier equipments manufacturing, Main products cover vacuum transformer oil purifier, turbine oil treatment, hydraulic oil filtration, waste engine oil regeneration system etc. Aft¡­¡­

Products Introduce
Insulating oil purifier is special for treating unqualified insulating oil
Turbine oil purifier is special for treating unqualified turbine oil
Lubricating oil purifier is special for purifying unqualified lubricating/hydraulic oil
Engine oil regeneration system is special for regenerating the used black engine oil
BDV Insulating oil dielectric strength tester; Oil moisture sensor
Technical FAQ
Technical FAQ list some common concepts and issues, If you have any question for vacuum oil purifier, you can email us, we will try to answer you as quickly, following are some knowledges regarding to the oil and oil purifier.
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Name:Chongqing Nakin Electromechanical Co., Ltd
No.68 Kecheng Road,
Erlang Technology Park,
Jiulongpo District,
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